Express Track Blues

New York City - September 27-29, 2019

Virginia Jimenez


Virginia learned to dance before she could walk. It’s the art form that she has known the longest, and her body knows more than her brain does. After moving to New York City in 2013, Virginia became more involved with blues dancing as a student and artist. She believes that dancing is the best way to be creative and expressive while building empathy and practicing safe, physical connection and communication. As an instructor, she believes that fun is a key ingredient to learning. She loves to share blues dancing in the most fun way possible, while also being informative and challenging students to own their dance.


Sabrina Ramos

When Sabrina first moved to NYC almost 6 years ago, she found herself needing a distraction from job searching and general life stresses. Since she had previously been involved with dance scenes in southern California, she knew that she could turn to the NYC dance community for what she calls "dance therapy". She found Blues Dance New York online and signed up to volunteer, as saving money was a priority. She was extremely grateful that the volunteer program had removed her main barrier to participation. She says, "I knew I had found my home."