Express Track Blues

New York City - September 27-29, 2019

BDNY Scholarship

At Blues Dance New York, we are excited to share the love of blues and blues dancing with everyone who wants to join. One of our favorite things to do is attend the phenomenal blues dance events that happen all over the world: these events have transformed the lives of many of our community members, especially many of our staff members who share their love of this dance every week at Friday Night Blues. However, we understand that life circumstances may make it difficult for people to travel to blues dance events in other cities. Therefore, we are thrilled to have instituted a scholarship program to help further the development and love of this dance for people who would not otherwise be able to attend events.

Why is this so important to us? #fortheloveofblues, of course! If you're still not convinced, click here to check out some Personal Statements from previous scholarship recipients.

For 2019, Blues Dance New York will be providing scholarships to attendees of NYC's own Express Track Blues! Per ETB's Mission Statement, one of our goals is to help break down barriers to blues dancing. One of those barriers is financial need. Therefore, we are offering $500 in scholarship money forany out-of-towners who wish to attend this event. This stipend may be given to one individual, or it might be split across multiple dancers in order to help as many people as possible. Anyone who receives all or part of this money will also be offered a full weekend pass to ETB.

The purpose of this scholarship program is to provide funding for dancers to attend regional blues dance events. Our goal for the scholarship program is to encourage continued learning and development for dancers who might not otherwise have the means to attend. Newcomers to blues (less than 2 years) are particularly encouraged to apply.

Never been to an exchange before? Take a peek at this Q&A that we put together, and feel free to reach out with any questions!